I am really impressed with the service. Trustworthy partner for getting anything from South Korea.
— Vikram M Kothari (India)

Happy Customers


I've now become a regular customer of CollectKorea! :) I've used their service about 9-10 times now and so far each transaction is smooth and I have no complaints (at all)! All my parcels always arrive in good condition without any missing items~ Good job and continue to provide great service! Thanks CollectKorea! :D

— Jocelyn

Fast shipping, reasonable prices. They answered a ton of my stupid questions by e-mail... I got answers very quickly. Now I've got my gadget and I'm happy. :) Thank you, CollectKorea!

— Jim

This was my first time shopping and requesting with CollectKorea and I must say I was impressed. The replied quickly and effectively to each of my emails even after my payment link mysteriously decided to disappear. The product arrived in 4 days and was in perfect condition, great service, great quality. What more could you ask for? :D

— Charlie

I am so So SO happy with the service CollectKorea provides. Words just... just fail to describe the exact feelings =) Really fast responses and great communication in general, accurate and reasonably priced shipping,.. i can't say anything but good things about CollectKorea team.



This will be like 3rd time i'm doing buying service with CollectKorea, and i'm really satisfied with how fast they respond, and that they give me combine shipping for my 2nd and 3rd order without I'm asking is totally appreciated, coz it's saving shipping. So don't hestitate to do use CollectKorea service. ^.^

— AN

CollectKorea is a great service for those of us who want to order Korean products that aren't otherwise available on ebay, gmarket, etc. I wanted to purchase some hard-to-find makeup items, so I submitted my request to CollectKorea. Within 2 days, not only did I receive a quote back, but I was able to negotiate an alternate shipping method that lowered the cost of my purchase - that, in my opinion, is great service. I received my items in less than 2 weeks, and communication with CollectKorea could not have been easier or more efficient. I highly recommend CollectKorea and am looking forward to working with CollectKorea again!

— AmyD

In less than a week (4 days) I had my tablet at home and I am in the other side of the world. Wonderful, if I think that Marco Polo in 1300 to bring goods from china he took 1 year and now me from South Korea only 4 days, simply an email.

— Alain Garnier

When i just found this website, i give it a try! The service is really good, nice and super friendly! They answer very fast on all my email and all the thousand of questions i ask they also answered them haha! Shipping was very fast but there were some problem and they helped me with it ! So i really really like this service i will definitely make an order again soon!! I'm really happy in found you guys :) I will buy more in the future and be your regular Buyer !


It's my first time shopping with CollectKorea, and everything went really well! ♪ I caused some troubles, first sending an invalid link, and then later on i ran into troubles with my paypal, so they had to wait about 5~6 days for my payment... Even though I gave them lots of trouble, they were very kind and replied very fast to my emails! The shipping was also fast. As soon as the payment arrived, they ordered my stuff, and a few days later it already got send to me. I actually thought it would take a whole while longer, but it arrived at my house surprisingly fast. Also no mistake with the items as in color or anything alike. Shopping with CollectKorea is definitely recommended!!

— Julia

I am so amazed by Collectkorea.com :) I was looking for a out of print DVD set from 2003 and couldn't find any. However CollectKorea.com helps me to find a used set with much lower price and the condition of all the DVD are prefect (the only thing missing is the cover box and they inform me about it ahead of time :D). I get my quote like few hours after submitting request form and receive update about shipping like 3 days after^^ the communication is fast, and my DVDs are all well-packed^^ along with it there is also a BOF post card set included which is so unexpected haha =)) I am so so happy with everything :) Thank you very much for everything :)

— Truc Cu

I use and know of many Japanese shopping services. This is my first time using a Korean shopping service and I couldn't be happier! Before using CollectKorea, I tried contacting 2 other Korean shopping services that I have found through blogs. I contacted the first, but after 5 days they still didn't respond. I then contacted the second one, but after 6 days I also did not get a respond. I was getting desperate since the item I wanted was limited edition and would no longer be available in 2 days. Searching, I heard about CollectKorea on a site called Soompi. Contacting them, I heard a reply within 1 hour and was able to order it that day. They received the item 1 day later and shipped it out the day after. This process took 2 days which is the fastest I've ever experienced. I received the item 1 week later using a cheaper shipping alternative in which they were happy to do. Plus their service fee is very reasonable. This is the only Korean shopping service I will ever use and would definitely recommend CollectKorea to anyone!

— Amber

After reading previous positive feedback, I tentatively purchased clothes from a Korean online store through CollectKorea. To my great relief, the entire process went smoothly and I have only praise for their service.

They communicated all information relevant to the transaction in a professional, friendly and timely manner, demonstrating their high value for customer care. Regarding payment (through PayPal) and delivery (tracked with EMS), no problems were encountered and the goods were received in Australia unexpectedly early; one week from the time of payment. Indeed, they work very efficiently with minimal delay on their part.

Overall, considering the high quality of service and reasonable fee, in my humble opinion, CollectKorea is currently the best method I know of for purchasing items from the Republic of Korea, which would otherwise be very difficult to procure outside.

I appreciate their business and anticipate a prosperous future. Good day to you all. 

— Michael